Pitching is very important in winning baseball games. Pitching the proper way with the help of your baseball training will greatly improve your teams chance of winning.

Your pitching plan should include located fastball, quick breaking ball, change speeds, pick off and hold runners, and fielding. Pitchers should do three things when they pick up a baseball. Locate, change speeds, and throw with a proper mechanical delivery.

Proper delivery mechanics should help a pitcher increase velocity, throw better breaking balls, have better control, reduce injury, and build confidence. Pitchers should be able to pitch from a wind up or stretch position.

The delivery is broken down into five phases. The initial stance or set up is where you analyze, visualize, centralize, and execute. The primary balance point is where the pitcher achieves balance. The break phase is when the pitcher starts his movement toward the plate. Secondary power position starts the moment the pitchers foot hits the ground. The last phase is the follow-through which is extremely important to how your ball is pitched.

A great baseball training aid is the designated hitter which is a silhouette dummy at the plate. Great for good pitching location mechanics.

Baseball training drills are very important in a pitchers development. The knee drill drill is important in developing upper-body technique. Power emphasizes lower-body technique. There is also balance drill, full delivery drill, dry drill, clap drill, and glide-to-stride drill.

With a lot of practice your baseball training will help you develop into a great pitcher. There are different baseball training aids which will greatly improve your chance of success. Remember, practice, practice, and practice.